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Glod Account

Gold Account

Global Lex offers a few different Forex account types to accommodate your exchanging experience and spending plan. Our GOLD TRADING ACCOUNT is a decent choice for new Traders, as well as those trying to perfect their strategy and craft. It gives provides more than our other exchanging account, in spite of the fact that it is as yet a passage-level choice. Our GOLD TRADING ACCOUNT offers a few benefits to the individuals who need to exchange FX, and commodities, including the capacity to use the Global Lex TRADING PLATFORM. You additionally benefit from our exceptional insurance and asset segregation – we never benefit from your losses, unlike other services. THE GOLD TRADING Account accommodates experienced retail brokers. A key component is an adaptability in place measuring. There is a base exchange size of 0.01 lot. Gold Trading Account utilizes the Global Lex TRADING stage.

Minimum deposit
Spread from pips
$20 Per Million
Stop Out Level
Margin Call
As Actual
Minimum Order Size in Lots
Account Manager